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Skelfs Books in Order: How to read Doug Johnstone’s series?

  • Fabien 

Unlock the thrilling world of Doug Johnstone’s Skelfs series with our essential guide to reading it in order!

What is The Skelfs series about?

Written by Scottish author Doug Johnstone, the Skelfs series immerses us in the multifaceted lives of the Skelf family spanning three generations.

Set against the backdrop of Edinburgh, the series presents an intriguing blend of professions: funeral home directors and private investigators. the Skelfs series explores the enigmatic world of this unique family as they grapple with life, death, and the secrets that lie in between.

Everything starts when Jim, the patriarch of the Skelf family, passes away. His wife Dorothy, daughter Jenny, and granddaughter Hannah are left to run both companies, which sets off an unforeseen chain of events.

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Peter Swanson Books in Order

Peter Swanson Books in Order (Nine Lives, Henry Kimball)

  • Carole 

Discover the Best Reading Order for Peter Swanson Books: Nine Lives, Henry Kimball, and More!

Who is Peter Swanson?

Born in May 1968, Peter Swanson is an accomplished American author renowned for his gripping psychological suspense novels. He holds degrees in Creative Writing, Education, and Literature, earned from Trinity College, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Emerson College.

Now celebrated as a best-selling author featured in both the Sunday Times and New York Times, Peter Swanson embarked on his literary journey by contributing poems, stories, and reviews to esteemed publications such as The Atlantic, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Epoch, Measure, Notre Dame Review, Slant Magazine, and many others.

His road to success was paved with dedication, as he honed his craft for a decade before securing representation and finally achieving literary acclaim with the release of his debut novel in 2014, titled “The Girl with a Clock for a Heart.”

Peter Swanson’s literary prowess transcends borders, with his books being translated into more than 30 languages.

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The Bowers Files Books in Order

The Bowers Files Books in Order: How to read Steven James’s series?

Discover the Perfect Order to Dive into Steven James’s Thrilling Bowers Files Series!

What is The Patrick Bowers Files series about?

Discover a captivating collection of psychological thrillers known as The Bowers Files, written by prolific author Steven James, who also has written The Blur Trilogy.

Immerse yourself in the world of Patrick Bowers, an expert FBI agent delving into environmental criminology. Join him on relentless pursuits of chilling and malevolent killers.

Explore further with “The Bowers Files: The New York Years Series,” a compelling prequel that adds depth to the gripping universe. Embark on an enthralling journey today.

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Enzo Macleod Books in Order

Enzo Macleod Books in Order: How to read Peter May’s series?

Follow the captivating journey of Enzo Macleod as he unravels intricate mysteries, while we guide you through the thrilling world of Peter May’s series in the reading order, the author of the famous Lewis Trilogy.

What is the Enzo Macleod series about?

Discover the enthralling “Enzo Macleod” series by acclaimed Scottish television screenwriter, novelist, and crime writer Peter May, featuring a captivating mix of whodunits, investigations, thrills, suspense, and humor.

Meet Enzo, a fascinating character, half-Scottish, half-Italian, and formerly a top forensic scientist in Scotland, now navigating life as a university professor in Toulouse, France, with a compelling backstory of loss, estrangement, and resilience.

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Kathy Reichs Books in Order

Kathy Reichs Books in Order

Discover the whole chronological order of Kathy Reichs’ enthralling novels, which will take you on a riveting journey through the complicated world of forensic puzzles and spine-chilling suspense.

Who is Kathy Reichs?

Explore the fascinating world of Dr. Kathleen Joan Toelle Reichs, also known as Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist and talented American crime novelist. Her career is highlighted by the renowned ‘Temperance Brennan’ series, which gained popularity through its television version, ‘Bones.’

Kathy Reichs, the author of the fascinating Temperance Brennan novels, deftly blends forensic science into her thrilling narratives, providing readers with an enthralling blend of crime-solving, suspense, and scientific truth. Kathy’s background as a forensic anthropologist, which she draws inspiration from, gives life to her fictitious characters and intricate tales, ensuring a sense of realism that captivates her audience.

Kathy expanded her bestselling series into young adult novels, teaming with her son Brendan to develop the fascinating ‘Virals’ series. They combine mystery, adventure, and scientific intrigue to introduce readers to a whole new universe of enthralling stories.

In addition to her successful series, Kathy Reichs has written stand-alone novels, demonstrating her versatility as a writer. Each stand-alone work exemplifies her writing prowess, capturing readers with distinct and intriguing plots that stand apart from her series.

Kathy is linked with the prominent Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Quebec, Canada, as a testament to her dedication and expertise. Furthermore, she is one of just 100 forensic anthropologists qualified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology. Her contributions to the area have won her a seat on the American Academy of Forensic Sciences’ board of directors.

Join us as we explore Kathy Reichs’ long career, including her legendary Temperance Brennan series, riveting young adult novels, and fascinating stand-alone works. Discover the skill of a writer that combines her technical acumen with enthralling storytelling, leaving readers intrigued and wanting more.”

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Shipyard Girls Books in Order

Shipyard Girls Books in Order: How to read Nancy Revell’s series?

  • Fabien 

Life, love, and war…

What is the Shipyard Girls series about?

A former journalist who worked for all the national newspapers, Nancy Revell also wrote inspirational true-life stories for woman’s magazines. Now she’s still writing about women, but ones that are from the past.

The Shipyard Girls series is set in the North-East of England during World War II and follows the women who go to the shipyards to do their bit for the war effort.

The story mostly focuses on three women: Polly, Rosie, and Gloria. As the world war continues the shipyard girls face hardships at home, but work and friendship give them the strength to carry on.

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Liz Trenow Books in Order

Liz Trenow Books in Order (The Silk Weaver, The Forgotten Seamstress…)

  • Fabien 

All of Liz Trenow’s books in order!

Who is Liz Trenow?

Liz Trenow is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of historical fiction.

She didn’t start her career writing fiction, but working as a journalist. She spent fifteen years working for regional and national newspapers, and BBC radio and television news, before turning her hand to fiction.

Liz Trenow has written wartime stories, but her personal history—her family in the silk weavers business for nearly three hundred years, and she grew up in the house next to the mill in Suffolk, England, which still operates today, weaving for top-end fashion houses and royal commissions—inspired different novels like The Last Telegram, The Silk Weaver…

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Matthew Hawkwood Books in Order

Matthew Hawkwood Books in Order: How to read James McGee’s series?

  • Fabien 

A Regency Crime Thriller series.

What is the Matthew Hawkwood series about?

Coming from the English James McGee, known for his historical adventure novels, the Matthew Hawkwood series is about the work of a fictional Bow Street Runner.

Set during the Regency period, when Britain was at war with Napoleon, the story focuses on Matthew Hawkwood, an early investigative officer working out of London’s Bow Street Magistrates’ Court who’s using his previous military experience to investigate issues of national security.

Even if the protagonist and the plot points are fictional, the stories in the series are inspired by historical events like the Malet Conspiracy, the body snatchers, the development of the first submarines, and more.

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Night Angel Books in Order by Brent Weeks

  • Fabien 

By the author of the Lightbringer Series.

What is the Night Angel series about?

Coming from the American writer Brent Weeks, the Night Angel series is a Fantasy series, more of a trilogy in fact, but there’s a sequel and a prequel, so it is still developing.

The story is set on the continent of Midcyru, mainly in the country of Cenaria and in its capital city which shares the same name. At first, we follow the life of Azoth as he struggles as a guild rat to become an assassin with magical talent. But when he tries to leave it all behind, he becomes the avatar of retribution: the Night Angel.

After more than a decade since the end of the original trilogy, Brent weeks announced a fourth book. The new story is called the Kylar Chronicles.

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